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Default Re: Any NHL fans? Teach me hockey.

As far as the basic rules are concerned:

- There are three 20 minute periods, if the game is tied after the end of three periods it goes into OT which is a 5 minute period where the play is 4 on 4 instead of the regular 5 on 5. If someone scores during OT, the game is over. If no-one scores in OT it moves onto a shootout where the game will eventually be decided. For every win a team gets 2 points and for every loss in OT/SO you get 1 point.

- There is 12 players on the ice at one time, which is broken down into these positions LW, C, RW, LD, RD, G for each team.

- As far as what will get you called for a penalty.. theres a few things. Interfering, tripping, hooking, fighting, instigating, closing your hand on a puck in your own zone, hitting from behind, elbowing, hit to the head, shooting the puck over the boards (without it being deflected by someone on the other team).

If you receive a penalty, your player goes into the penalty box to serve his time. Its usually 2 or 4 minutes but you can receive more then that.

- Now when your watching the game there will be a couple things you might notice and don't know what they mean which is offside and icing. Offside is simply someone going into the offensive zone before the puck does, and icing is any puck shot from before the center ice that goes all the way down to the other end. If either one is called, it will result in a face-off. The only difference is the location of the face-off, and whether you can change your line or not. For an offside you would have a face-off just outside the blueline where you got called for an offside and you would be allowed to change your lines. However, for an icing your team will not be allowed to change lines (forcing you to keep the tired players on the ice), and the face-off will be brought all the way down to your zone and taken in one of the circles beside your goalie.

As far as individual points are concerned, there is goals which can be broken down into 3 categories which are Powerplay goals (a goal where you have the man advantage), short handed goals ( a goal where you are down a man), and regular strength goal ( where no-one has a man advantage). They are all worth the same but they keep track of the stats to show who is more dangerous in which situations. Assists on the other hand are somewhat similar to NBA except that it is the last two people to touch the puck before the goal was scored.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
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