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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
Come on man,I don't know if you are serious.
Just re-watch the two Heat games and then the Hawks one. Difference in our defense is day and night. I don't need any stats to tell me what I saw.
But if you want to take stats into consideration then be it:
Heat are shooting 49% from the field for the season.We held them to 47% and 42%,that's below their average.
Hawks are shooting 46% from the field,they shot 60% against us last night.

Heat are averaging 103 points per game. We held them to 92 and 84.
Hawks are averaging 97 points per game. They scored 104 last night.

So you really say our defense was the same against the Heat and the Hawks ?
If you do,then it seems like you have a problem with your memory.
Both my eyes and the stats confirm that we played much better defense against Miami.

Ultimately we won because we hit a lot of threes but the difference why we beat Miami by 20 and Atlanta by only 2 is DEFENSE.
The large is all you had to say....we win because of our threes, but i will add low turnovers., and late defensive plays.

You're seriously saying 19 and 18 made threes were not the main reason for victory....your talking about 55 points worth of threes in each game for an over 50% clip.

And the low turnover resulted in over 10+ more field goal attempts than the Heat.

Those are blowouts on offense alone.

But i will challenge you to this, find three games the Knicks made 18 threes and lost.
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