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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
We need to make a trade. It doesn't need to be a blockbuster trade, although you guys know I would trade Chandler in a heartbeat. Nevertheless, he's a big part of or team chemistry and I wouldn't necessarily disrupt that given our record.

We need a small move and our most tradeable, non-essential asset is Steve Novak. Let's face it. The book is pretty much out on him. He really gives us nothing anymore and he's getting 4 mil a year. That or somebody has to get cut so we can sign someone.

I say James White. I can't, for the life of me, understand how he gets more playing time than Copeland and Brewer. I don't find him to be all that great of a defender. He really doesn't give us much offensively. He's literally just going through the motions out there. Either him or Kurt Thomas. Something's gotta give. Even with Amare back, we only have 3 bigs...and Kurt Thomas' old ass is one of them. That's unacceptable. Kurt Thomas should not be getting minutes on an NBA floor. I'm sorry.
We do need another big, you wouldn't get anything of quality for Novak though.

I like White though, he seems to play well on both sides in his limited action.

I doubt they make any move though, and a trade just for the sake of making one really wont help much.

None of these guys are rotation players, so no shot of getting one for them.
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