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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
How do you drop 42 points and only go to the line 3 times? Granted, he hit a lot of 3's, but c'mon. He was getting hammered last night.
Watch Amare go to the rim, then watch Melo.

But didn't Westbrook do it last year in the finals, and he's known to attack the rim, Melo doesn't even do that.

But with Melo he isn't respected, and that's primarily because he's a whiner, secondly he doesn't drive with authority.

Me and my son was fussing about that tech, he was livid, I was like you can't spike the ball though.

I remember back in the day i was in pursuit of a speeding vehicle that hit another vehicle and made them swerve into a ditch, causing damage to the car and the driver was airlifted only to find out one of the speeding passengers was going into labor.

Does the law override possible loss of life?
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