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Default Raptors Long-Term Situation

I feel like we should have a thread talking about the long-term outlook of this squad, regardless of how depressing that may sound.

I feel like we are constantly screwing ourselves throwing money at horrible players. I really don't know how Colangelo evaluates his talent and how much money this talent is worth.

Committing over 10 million dollars to players like Kleiza and Fields over the next 2 years pretty much screws us for at least another 2 seasons. This team is so poorly managed it's unbelievable. We throw money to horrible players year after year with the MLE or via free agency. Something needs to change with upper management.

Even the drafting of Ross over Drummond I'm still regretting, regardless of how Ross has played and his natural ability. Drummond was clearly the better prospect and a gift from where we were picking in the lottery. It's like when Bynum dropped to the Lakers with the 13th pick out of high school. These are high-risk/high-reward scenarios that you need to take advantage of and take a chance on as a GM.

We traded a 1st round pick with retarded lottery protection clauses for Lowry, and the speculation is we are going to trade him over the expiring Calderon who is older and playing fairly well lately. This means that he has an increased trade value which makes it PERFECT timing to trade him before we have to shell out another ridiculous 5 year, $50 million dollar Colangelo deal to keep him.. and I almost guarantee this will happen if he stays with the club.

Basically what I'm saying is, we don't have much to look forward to unless we fire Colangelo. I don't agree with anything he has done and he hasn't done anything progressive to get us even remotely closer to making the playoffs.

Things that need to happen;

1. Fire Colangelo
2. Trade Calderon's Expiring Deal
3. Trade Bargnani
4. Trade Fields/Kleiza

1. Keep DeRozan/Ross/Davis/Val as your young core. Even though DeRozan is now overpaid and another brutal contract on the books for the next 5 years.

2. Re-sign Lowry. You gave up a 1st round pick for him, give him full reign when Calderon gets traded and see how he does. His individual stats will always be there due to his selfishness on the court and he will be easy to trade if this scenario doesn't work out. Trading him now would be horrendous as we gave up a lottery pick for him last summer and probably will not get an adequate return for him. The Celtics are the latest rumour since Rondo was injured and the only player I would want on their roster is maybe Jeff Green.

3. Amir Johnson can stay or leave I don't really care. He is a little overpaid for what he brings off the bench. Good team guy though.

So that leaves us with the starting lineup of;


+ The return from the Calderon & Bargnani trades, hopefully Fields and Kleiza as well.

And who knows, maybe we can pick up a guy like Rudy Guy, Andre Iguodala or Dwight Howard who are all struggling on their respective teams.

But all I know is, something needs to change. Fast. And hopefully it's the general manager position if something drastic isn't done soon.
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