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Default Re: LeSean McCoy's baby momma drama

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
He didn't deny her claims that he disappeared for 4 months...she even listed the months he was gone...maybe she made that up, but for now I believe isn't hard to believe at all.

and yes he is young and has a lot of growing up to do...I am betting that by the time he "grows up" his career is coming to an end...for most RBs they only play to age 30 or so. He has to make the money he is making now last him the rest of his life because we all know he has no future in broadcasting later...and he has some child support to pay which for him is BIG $$$

You believe a female that slept let him f*ck raw and lied about using Birth Control as she got knocked up? Yeah you believe her. Same chick exposing irrelevant text messages saying what? He has a little d!ck? This is the female you believe prime? The female with the typical photo tag of "Hi haterz! Laughing at my haterz!" crap? Stop.
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