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Default Re: Bynum and Maxiell on the move?

Originally Posted by Aussie Dunker
Well lets just say we have 3 positions locked in for our future and where we want this team to head...

PG - Knight
PF - Monroe
C - Drummond

I do think Singler is safe as a hustle guy of the bench moving forward too...

Outside of those players, no player is safe, in my opinion.

So when it comes draft time, I think we need to look at either a SG, or SF - two positions where we lack starter quality players...

Obviously Prince is an all-time Piston great and perhaps has one more year as a starter then will slip onto the bench as a mentor / glue type player who can cover multiple positions...

I think Prince might be a guy that a contender could possibly want. He may want another chance at winning a championship again too. I do think we'll draft small this year. It's probably going to half to be the best player available though, whether it's PG, SG, or SF. Luckily there's quite a few good SF's this year in the draft. I've been keeping my eye on guys like Otto Porter, Anthony Bennett, James McAdoo, etc. I like Glenn Robinson III but he seems a little small for the position. He may have to play some SG in the NBA. I also think they're looking at Marcus Smart and Michael Carter-Williams. I think one thing that works in our favor is there's actually quite a few 7 footers and there's definitely more teams looking for a big guy, whereas we're locked in there. We'll be able to focus more on the other positions.
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