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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by alwaysunny
I can't blame him. There seems to be a fundamental flaw within this team that I can't exactly put a finger on. The way they play is extremely predictable at times and the team crumbles unlike any other. People who aren't Nets fans are overrating us because they're oblivious to this issue, like when Avery was fired everyone questioned the move saying it was premature while we all saw it had to be done. We are worse than what our record shows, and it will be exposed if they don't fix it soon, whatever the "it" may be.
Exactly.The reason the Nets crumble quickly is because we don't have a Chris Paul, Carmelo, LeBron, Kevin Durant and etc. Brook Lopez is not yet the player that can lead a team like those mentioned players nor does he possess their killer instinct qualities. Deron and Joe certainly don't either.

Listen, my frustration is not because we lose against EVERY over .500 team. We have lost 11 dang games by double digits. How can a $330 million team lose 60% of its games by double digits? That shows no heart, no competitiveness, and no focus. When you lack those qualities as a team this talented, I say " **** you Nets" and stop watching. Letting leads balloon to 20 against the Heat, Spurs, Warriors, Bucks, Grizzlies and Rockets is abominable.
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