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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
No we don't. Felton is the only one who drives inside with some consistency.
J.R.Smith has the ability to attack the basket but he often settles for outside shots. Same with Shumpert. Prigioni and Kidd can't even cross inside the 3-pt arc against better defenses.

And for a big I'm not asking someone with range in his jumpshot. I'm only asking for a guy who can hustle,defend and rebound the ball with at least decent ability at the rim (not like Brewer or Jeffries). Just a guy who can get into the game,make some plays without me thinking "why is he playing,he's doing nothing out there".
Heat signed Birdman. I would love to have guy like that on this team (of course if it's possible with a better personality ).
felton Shump and JR are fully capable to drive into the paint, they dont do it because they aren't being instructed to....three is plenty.

Driving into the paint isn't all that's required, Lin did that and was crashing into everything moving and turning the ball over in the process.

I wanna see Birdman play meaningful minutes first before i toot that horn.

But to get talent you have to give talent.

There's only two guys on the team that can command worthy pieces....

Melo and Shump....Shump is on a rookie scale so you most likely wouldn't fetch nothing major with him.

Honestly this convo is old, we all doubt the team will make a move.
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