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Default Re: Django Unchained: Big Dissapointment.

Originally Posted by Mr. Jabbar
If he wanted to go through known territory (Western) he should have went Jackie Brown style. A lot more credible roles and more inetresting characters without being over the top. If the dude wanted to make a comedy the premise should have been a better fit a la inglorious basterds.

As poster above said he mght have gone beyond his "range" with this one.

Also Dicaprio and Samuel L Jackson are the best performances. Foxx is awful and Waltz is corny, over the top, etc etc etc

Yea, I don't really get the Waltz hype. And agreed about Jackson, he was great in this movie. I thought Foxx did a great job. There are better actors out there, but not a lot of them are raw like Foxx.
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