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Default Re: Bobcats fans: thoughts on changing nickname back to Hornets?

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
About Timmeh's blog? Yeah I checked that out. Thanks.

Well the one thing more fan support would do is create more revenue that in turn could be used to improve the team. It would lessen the possibility that we lose the team, again.

It's funny that my 9 yr old daughter is dead sent against any name change. She wasn't around for the Hornets.

Do you really think that the name change would increase the public's enthusiasm for the team and increase revenue? A psychological boost? I can understand that. I also understand where your daughter is coming from. The Hornets moved away the year before I relocated here to NC. I was absolutely devastated to learn that I would be living in an area without an NBA team (my brother and I followed basketball since the 1970s) when initially I knew that the Hornets were here. Long story short. The Bobcats first season here was probably also my first year here--2003. So all I know is the Bobcats. It would just be too weird to be anything other than the Bobcats. But as long as we have a team here I guess that's what matters, no matter what their name. I'll adjust.
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