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Originally Posted by Deuce Bigalow
Any strong ISHers want to critique my workout?

I have a arm day, leg/back day, and a chest/back day.

Shoulder press-5 sets
Dips-3 sets
Bicep curl-3 sets
Side lateral raises-3 sets

Squats-3 sets
Dead lifts-2 sets

Bench press-4 sets
Incline bench press-1 set
Rows-4 sets

Lol wtf? Where the hell did you get this from and what are you trying to do? Pack on muscle?


Chest + Tris

Back + Bis

Leg + Shoulder

Split instead.

If you want big arms consider at least 5-10 sets of Biceps. I'd throw in 3 sets of chin-ups along iwth your curls.

Your shoulders are looking good. Decent volume. Consider rear delt flies and arnold presess too.

3 sets of dips is not sufficient for tri's. Add either Cloes grip Bench, Skullcrusher, or Lying Tricep extensions to the mix. Go for 10-15 sets a week.

Squats and deadlifts are VERY difficult to perform at enough intensity back to back. Consider doing deadlifts on back day instead. Up the volume to 5 sets of squats. Do another leg exercise, for hams. And one for quads.

Incline Bench > Normal bench. The former emphasizes the pec minor at a certain angle which is a better chest shaper. Do 4 sets of both. Consider topping it off with a fly or a cable crossover.

For back do something else on top of rows. Maybe pull-ups.

Eat a lot. Rest.

Aim for 3-6 reps for most exercises except the rear delt flies and the smaller arm stuff.
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