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Default Re: Any NHL fans? Teach me hockey.

Originally Posted by D-Rose
Thanks Bcogswell, that post helped a lot!

Some random questions:

-How would the KHL compare to NHL? Euroleague to NBA?
-What are the GOAT players in NHL history?
-Current players that are all-time greats?
-Most/least successful franchises?
-Top 10 players and their teams today?
-If the OT/shootout breaks a tie then why does the team record have a x-y-z format?

Posting this picture just for myself to help visualize the teams.

Have to say that the NHL has the most badass team names and logos!

Some of those logos are really old;
Washington, Anaheim, LA and Phoenix haven't had those logo's in awhile
Also Atlanta is now in Winnipeg

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