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Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Lol wtf? Where the hell did you get this from and what are you trying to do? Pack on muscle?


Chest + Tris

Back + Bis

Leg + Shoulder

Split instead.

If you want big arms consider at least 5-10 sets of Biceps. I'd throw in 3 sets of chin-ups along iwth your curls.

Your shoulders are looking good. Decent volume. Consider rear delt flies and arnold presess too.

3 sets of dips is not sufficient for tri's. Add either Cloes grip Bench, Skullcrusher, or Lying Tricep extensions to the mix. Go for 10-15 sets a week.

Squats and deadlifts are VERY difficult to perform at enough intensity back to back. Consider doing deadlifts on back day instead. Up the volume to 5 sets of squats. Do another leg exercise, for hams. And one for quads.

Incline Bench > Normal bench. The former emphasizes the pec minor at a certain angle which is a better chest shaper. Do 4 sets of both. Consider topping it off with a fly or a cable crossover.

For back do something else on top of rows. Maybe pull-ups.

Eat a lot. Rest.

Aim for 3-6 reps for most exercises except the rear delt flies and the smaller arm stuff.
Thanks for the reply. I didn't really get this from anywhere, just heard to do the compound lifts and go from there. And yes I'm looking to pack on muscle which is why I'm lifting.

So after looking through what you considered, this is basically an elite workout schedule?

Leg+shoulder day:
Shoulder press
Rear Delt flies
Arnold presses

Chest+Tricep day:
Bench press
Incline bench press
Lying tricep extension
Close grip bench

Back+Bicep day:
Bicep Curls
Pull-ups (don't have a pull up bar at home, any different exercise that is similar?)

How many days do I rest in between these workouts? Is it just whatever your body tells you, if your not sore then lift?
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