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Originally Posted by Deuce Bigalow
Thanks for the reply. I didn't really get this from anywhere, just heard to do the compound lifts and go from there. And yes I'm looking to pack on muscle which is why I'm lifting.

So after looking through what you considered, this is basically an elite workout schedule?

Leg+shoulder day:
Shoulder press
Rear Delt flies
Arnold presses

Chest+Tricep day:
Bench press
Incline bench press
Lying tricep extension
Close grip bench

Back+Bicep day:
Bicep Curls
Pull-ups (don't have a pull up bar at home, any different exercise that is similar?)

How many days do I rest in between these workouts? Is it just whatever your body tells you, if your not sore then lift?

No DOMS is misleading. It comes ona nd off. I believe CNS recovery is more important. You can test this out generally by how tired you are and how well you can focus on lifting. Just go 3X a week. If you're performance after the first few sets is sh!t cut it off. Rest. And retry. Your hardest day is probably legs+shoulder, followed by back, followed by chest. So Monday Legs shoudlers, Wed or Thurs Back, Fri or Sat Chest.

Add another exercise to the leg day. You can do the curls and extensions or you can do them lunges.

Also volume-wise you are doing a lot of pressing. You want to row at least as much as you press to keep your shoudlers in tip top condition and scapula retracted.

Another huge thing is tempo.

As a basketball player, I highly recommend you do squats as fast as possible in a controlled manner.

For all pushing exercises consider pushing them up quite fast but lowering veryyyy slowly. Utilize dropsets and rest pause training too.

For pull-ups gripping hard in the pinky area will activate lates and imaging pulling the bar apart while you're doing it. To emphasize biceps, focus on tucking the elbows an dpulling iwth thumbs.

When doing rows, when you've got the thing close to your body (meaning you are in the cocentric portion of hte lift), squeeze for a few extra seconds.

Few points to prevent injuries.
ALways keep a straight back during deadlifts. Chest up, hips down, shoulders back, shins touching bar, curl your toes up to pull from the heels like you're pushing the floor away from you.

Squat technique takes a long time to perfect. Remember, it's just as much spreading your legs outward as it is going down. Siiit baackkk cheestt upp stabilize your core.

Bench, tuck in your elbows, keep your wrists and elbows aligned.

Good luck.

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