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Default Re: Any NHL fans? Teach me hockey.

Originally Posted by D-Rose
Thanks for the input everyone. Also thanks for the updated logos!

Random questions more:

-Can someone describe the positions and their importances more?
-How many players on a team? How do rotations/lineups/subs work?
-How many black dudes in league?
-Is there any sort of US vs. Canada rivalry in the league?
-What are contracts like for players of elite, star, mid-level, average joe status?

Three Forwards...typically faster guys who puck handle and spend their time trying to score.
Two Defenders...bigger guys who stop Forwards.
One Goalie...stand in net, don't let puck in.

Forward lines sub in and out more frequently than defensive lines do because Forwards spend more time skating in crazy fast bursts and get tired quicker. How the lines are built is different depending on the coach's style and the players' strengths and weaknesses. They can rotate in and out differently at different times of the game depending on what you need in the moment.

One black in the League is PK Subban, defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens and he is a complete shit who no one likes. His kid brother is a goalie in the minors.

Not til the Olympics.

They're completely crazy. With the new CBA, I dunno how contracts have changed...but some if these guys are on 10+ year deals with pay scales that are front/back/middle loaded.
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