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Default Re: Any NHL fans? Teach me hockey.

Random questions more:

-Can someone describe the positions and their importances more?

The forwards consist of a left wing, a center, and a right wing.
The defenseman are two stoppers or good quarterbacks on the back end.
Then the goalie, which I see as the most important division.

-How many players on a team? How do rotations/lineups/subs work?

Teams run 4 lines they must submit pregame. That's 3 forwards per line, 2 defensemen per line for a total of 22 players including the goalie and the backup.

Teams are usually organized by the top line, essentially your best players at each position.
The second line is your second best players at each position.
the third line is usually a utility line, 2-way line-up.
Then the checking line which is usually out there to rough up other lines or stop the top line.
They generally stick to these lines, may mix them up on powerplays or penalty kills, but on the most part the lines skate together throughout the year.
Shifts usually last for one offensive zone chance per line, when the puck gets towards neutral zone or the opposing ends they usually line change, which could be anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute and a half. Lines may vary on the powerplay where you want 2 strong blueliners with decent shots and your best scorers. When you're short handed you want your best 2 way players to kill the penalty

-Is there any sort of US vs. Canada rivalry in the league?

The top rivalry is Canada and Russia. Although on the international stage US is emerging as a force. Internationally, the Juniors have garnered more success. We're a threat, but as much as Argentina is a threat in International basketball.

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