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Default Re: LeSean McCoy's baby momma drama

Originally Posted by GOBB
Whether or not what he said about her is true. My thing is what does it say about you that you not only slept with her? But did so thru unprotected sex? Dont tell me she lied to you. You sat there on twitter saying how you hit within the first week blah blah blah. Yet you turn around and trusted the chick and most likely came up in her. So now all of a sudden she is this that and the third. Again maybe she is all those things but how do you look at the end of the day with your choices/decisions? About as good as you look now airing our personal stuff on social media where anonymous folks can not only read but capture it and repost across the internet. What next you are going to issue a statement and apologize for your actions? How it was immature, irresponsible all the politically correct mumbo jumbo? When you know damn well it was dumb to do in the first place just like it was when you went up in this alleycat raw.

Great talent at RB. But about as dumb as the chicks he sleeps with. Not taking that chick side. Shady gotta smarten up. Bad move on his part to get into a back and forth with this chick. He looks like a moron.

There's your issues statement
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