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Default Re: Ray Lewis retired

Originally Posted by Carbine
Yes he does. If there is a difference, it's so small that it doesn't even warrant mentioning. Willis is fantastic in coverage, probably the best ILB at it, or at least top go along with being the most consistently dominant run defender at ILB.

Well, if going to compare things like linebackers stats, then we might as well add that Ray Lewis has three 1st team all-pro and two 2nd team all pro selections. Patrick has five 1st team and one 2nd team all-pro selection.

Ray has a DMVP award as well for his spectacular 2000 season.

Watching Wills now and in previous years is like watching Ray Lewis in his prime, but without all the gospel talk and the dance.

Patrick might end up having the greatest career for a MLB ever.

Lewis should've been an All-Pro 1st Team in each of his first three seasons:

1996: 95 solo tackles, 2.5 sacks, 15 stuffs, 5 pdef, 1 int,
1997: 156 solo tackles, 4 sacks, 8 stuffs, 10 pdef, 1 int, 1 ff
1998: 101 solo tackles, 3 sacks, 11.5 stuffs, 7 pdef, 2 int, 1 ff

Comparable seasons to any Patrick has had in the league. In terms of stats and the sort, Lewis was better off without having matured and prime great players around him apparently. He got to make all the plays. Since accomplishments are coming into it, Lewis has two DMVP's and a SB MVP. Of course, you know that and were focusing on the six years comparison -- I brought it up for the mention of greatest career.

This is the best source IMO Carb. ESPN and Yahoo are incomplete and sometimes inaccurate.
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