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Default Re: Tim Brown accuses Bill Callahan of sabotaging Raiders before SB for Gruden.

Even though it's old news (I don't post here much anymore) I thought I'd throw in my thoughts.

Anyone who believes Rice and Brown are flat-out stupid.

Gannon, Romanowski, Callahan and several other Raiders straight up denied Brown's allegations.

A few days after Brown initially came out with these moronic statements, he started backtracking. He even took to defending himself on twitter against a plethora of Bucs fans, making himself look incredibly stupid.

If Callahan DID sabotage the Super Bowl, why did he throw a challenge flag on Jerry Porter's TD that was initially ruled incomplete?

Brown only had ONE catch for NINE yards and had 2 or 3 flat-out drops in the game, so he's more responsible for sabotage than anyone else.

Do you really think two diva WRs with huge egos, Brown/Rice, would've been ok with a run-heavy gameplan on the world's biggest stage? When has a WR ever complained about switching to a pass-heavy gameplan? It makes no sense any way you look at it.

It doesn't matter what the Raiders would've done that day. They could've had a PERFECT gameplan and it wouldn't have mattered. It was a mismatch any way you look at it. The Bucs DEFENSE scored more than the Raiders. And one of Oakland's TDs was a bad call (the Porter overturn) and the other was on a block punt return. The game was total domination.

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