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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire Novels

Originally Posted by Smoke117
This series became a disaster when Martin went away from his original five books...then decided on 7 books. That may work when you have your story thought out at the BEGINNING, but he didn't..he was just writing and decided he needed more. SoIaF is becoming the new "Wheel of time". The author has just plain lost his way. Read the Malazan novels.

You're in the very very very small minority that thinks this. He already knows how the story ends and has known for quite some time. He realized this ENTIRE WORLD he created needed to be covered by more than just 3 books, and he's right, no fkn way this story gets completed in 3 books. I personally like all the side-stories and history of Westeros, if I had my way he'd be writing 10+ books.
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