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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire Novels

Originally Posted by Smoke117
I'm surprised so many people even read these novels. I've read up to 4 and that was when they were all out. I stopped caring about the series because of how off track George got and there is a lot of other fantasy novels out there to read (plus I read other genres) beside this where you don't have to wait 5 years for a new novel and then have it not even push the story forward. This series became a disaster when Martin went away from his original five books...then decided on 7 books. That may work when you have your story thought out at the BEGINNING, but he didn't..he was just writing and decided he needed more. SoIaF is becoming the new "Wheel of time". The author has just plain lost his way. Read the Malazan novels.
You are in the minority.

And IMO, his books are worth reading just for the narrative and character building alone. They dont necessarily require a speedy ending. Sure not having one in the near future is frustrating but the grand fan base it has, is proof that we all care.
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