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Default Re: Rifles make up 4% of gun homicides...Handguns make up 72%

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I'd rather us address the guns that are actually killing people...

not really feelin the atomic bomb comparison, that is just a different beast altogether...assault rifles and handguns are about equal in terms of how easy they are to acquire, actually I think it is easier to get the rifle, handgun is a 2 week wait...if atom bombs were as easy to acquire as swords then it would those doing the most killing.

The thing is, they have to start somewhere. They won't be able to ban all guns altogether. So it's easier to get rid of the less used, but much more dangerous killing machine and explain that to a bunch of crazed gun fanatics, then to take handguns away from so many people who live by it like archaic cowboys stuck in a time capsule
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