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Originally Posted by gabepizza
The point is with those stats he took his team to the final. Only Diamantidis was able to do that and that's why he was first team and Pargo was 2nd. Spanoulis was 2nd team for sg/sf. They weren't empty stats. As you could see he was the starting and top pg for a team that made the Euroleague finals.

In the final four he was 2nd on his team in points, rebounds and he had 13 more assists then the next closest teammate. You could definitely make the argument that that he was one of the top pgs in Europe.

He was very good ( I loved watching him play and he became one of my favorite players ) but he wasn't top 5 pg in Europe .

You need to stop looking at stats because they tell nothing you need to watch the game to see how good is someone , there are many of players with good stats but fans still don't consider them good .
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