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Default Re: What's the scariest or most disturbing movie you've ever watched?

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
Serpico is up there for completely different reasons. I've always been disturbed at the gang mentality of cops, and that an honest cop couldn't be trusted purely because he was honest, and eventually was nearly killed.

I live very close to that building where Serpico got shot. I was talking with a guy at a bar once and we were talking about NYC movies and I mentioned that and this other guy three stools down turns around and mentions he lives in that people and his roommate became kind of obsessed with that fact. He said he eventually ended up having a phone call with Serpico from Switzerland, I think.

That sort of thing in NYC goes back to The Gangs of New York days. Corruption was so organized that you had to bribe someone to be a cop. There was even a set schedules of bribes.
The Mail and Express reported appointment as a patrolman cost $300, promotion to sergeant, $1,400, and advancement to captain, $14,000. Policemen made back their investments by taking bribes.

If you want to know more about the Serpico days, I recommend two books.
This one is about David Durk. He was the guy Tony Roberts played in the movie and he was much more important to the case than the movie makes out. This one examines crime in New York in 60's through three people, one a innocent black guy framed by the cops, another who is a gang member who joins and eventually gets into a war with The Black Panthers and the third is a thoroughly corrupt cop who joined the force to steal and was eventually the big witness in Knapp Commission hearings. He was a more imporant witness than Serpico, because cops wouldn't keep things from him, since he was dirty himself. Here's a clip of him testifying before the Knapp Commission. Check out how the old-school pixelation technology! Black marker, baby!
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