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Default Re: Rifles make up 4% of gun homicides...Handguns make up 72%

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I don't think that is what they are arguing at all...all the focus of that image is on assault rifles...

"THIS RIFLE is the same as...THIS RIFLE...and fires only one round per trigger like THIS"

the lowest death count on there is the assault rifle...

it isn't saying "ban everything that kills" is saying "hey look at how dumb we are for thinking assault rifles are our biggest problem, maybe we should focus on the bigger issues"

You are missing the larger argument. Think back to the debate in general and not this specific image. How many times have you heard automobile and alcohol related deaths being brought up? Both of these have nothing to do with gun violence, yet they are being used to indirectly justify current gun laws (or to promote even more lax gun laws).

The rifle comparison is only part of the image, but the subtext is the comparison between death caused by other things that have nothing to do with guns. Two wrongs don't make a right. It doesn't matter how many people cars and alcohol kill per year. That is a different debate - which means it shouldn't be brought up in this one (especially covertly because that is a manipulation tactic rather than a justifiable comparison).
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