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Default Jamaican curry powder... hell, yes!

this stuff is GOLDEN. instead of cooking with it, i just sprinkle it on my food as a kind of spicy indian salt substitute. completely different from something like mrs. dash spicy, if you know what i mean. not better or worse, just awesomely different. but very awesome indeed. if you happen to try it, please let me know what you think...!

INGREDIENTS: turmeric, fenugreek, wheat, coriander, cumin, anise, star anise, pepper (i guess they mean chile pepper), pimento (allspice), cloves, garlic.

but i swear they're lying about the lack of salt-- it's tastes deliciously, incredibly salty, and i'm seriously considering that this is a case of nutritional mislabeling.

EDIT: looks like "pimento" is jamaican for "allspice." not like the chile pepper, after all.

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