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Default Re: What's the scariest or most disturbing movie you've ever watched?

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Jumpy Scenes (i admit it i'm a puccy when it comes to getting startled easily )

Shining of course you know the drill.

In Sinister, the last scene with the lawnmower when it runs over the guy and it screams.

In Paranormal Activity 2, the scene with the rotating camera in the kitchen or in the 3rd one with the old ladies coming out of nowhere lol.

In Evil Dead 2, probably the whole deer on the wall laughing part. Sh!t made me look at those singing basses like they had life

In Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original) about 3/4 of the way through when you're waiting

In Straqngers (disgrace of a movie) probably the part where they're just all around the house.. sh!t ending.

Blair Witch where they see the forest signs.

In Boy Meets World where they have the Feeny has scissors stuck on his back and tehy look at the camera and BAM the monster runs across the background

Jaws, the anticipation.

A few of the werewlve flicks.

Any of those scenes where they look at the door and the motherf*kker stares at you through the keyhole fukkin never gets old.

In the Grudge 2 that scene where they're sitting on the bench and then the two girls transform into having blue skin.. also the dark room scene with the photographs.

Jurassic Park velociraptor in the kitchen was kinda adrenaline-spiky as well lol.

Any of those scenes where the vilain is in plain sight and then it reappears behind them.

EL ORFANATO the f*cking part where she follows the retard boy into the kitchen and he slams her hand and bites her.. and when she goes un dos tres tocoa el pared.

Eerie, mindraping scenes:
The humming theme played after The Ring, that really weird soothing song after they realize "evil never rests."

Stephen King's It.. the concept of somethin gforever engraving itself into your mind and staying there.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom:.. the Child abuse was pretty sad to watch from the Thuggee Cult.

Exorcist Last Stand: When the woman gives birth to the baby and it's filled iwth maggots.. Yuck.

Hellraiser had a scene where she was slipping off the ksin off her back.

Disturbing Scenes
Creep.. that British movie underground where they're performing surgery.

Human Centipede.

Elephant Man.

Audition.. whole thing.

Cannibal Holocaust.. just the thought of certain people being like that.

Pink Flamingos.. gross.

Natural Born Killers.. They had these weird azz anime snippets where there's a big buff guy with a ponytail (woody harrelsons character) being chased by this little anime kitty cat.. Weird..

Caligula and Salo.

Hostel 2. So disturbingly bad and try hard

Impressive list. Isn't that scene from the woman having the maggot invested baby in Exorcist: The Beginning?
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