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Default Re: ISH Official Sex Guide - Tips & Tricks!

Originally Posted by Bladers
I know pus*sy is nearly irresistible. Its siren call never goes unanswered. But before you plunge right in, what procedurals do you take?

Let's start out the thread with a few questions. And then everyone can chip in with answers and their tips and tricks.

1. Your pregame regime?

2. Condoms you use?

3. Techniques that make you last the longest?

4. Number of positions you incorporate?

5. Your girl ever orgasmed/squirted? Was through G-spot or clitoris simulation? finger, toy, oral, penile stimulation?

6. foreplay regime before sex? how long?

7. Game plan? (Do you eat her out and let her get off and then go ham? or the other way?)

8. Kissing and make lip contact during intercourse? How often?

9. Signature finishing maneuver, aka what do you do in crunch time?

10. Total time elasped?

Only sailors use those
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