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Default Re: Does your lady make you "earn it"?

I may be in the minority here because I can get it anytime I want it. Its usually better when she's mad at me. This may be due to how our relationship works though. We dont leave each other hanging regardless of what problems or issues were having. If im mad at her for something but suddenly she needs my help, my loyalty will be there and Ill help her with what she needs. That doesnt mean that I feel different at what I felt mad at. I just dont transfer those feeling to things that have nothing to do with this other thing. She acts the same way when it comes to sexual things. If something is bothering her about me, those things will be addressed. Yet, that doesnt affect that were into each other. Doesnt change our ability to pursue that mutual satisfaction. In fact it can be a release of tension or stress that other things bring. Im glad that unlike typical women, she realizes that keeping that consistent helps us remain closer and united, rather than forming a wedge or making those other issues worse than they already are.
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