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@rainin threes

Currently we have decent talent at every position. Anyone with an unbiased and rational opinion would most likely agree. What we dont have is a Stud, Star, Big Cheese, that 1A type player who in crunch time steps up and goes to war against the other team. We have a bunch of supporting cast type players or wanna be finishers. In basketball one of those players makes a huge difference to a team. Although it is preferential to add that player via the draft, here we go wait for it,,,,,,,IT IS NOT THE ONLY WAY. Many teams have traded for that type of player ala Memphis Grizzlies(Randolph), LA Lakers(Kobe Bryant, Howard, Gasol), NY Knicks(Carmelo), New Jersey Nets(Vince Carter, Deron Williams), LA Clippers(Chris Paul), Boston(Kevin Garnett). And these are only modern era trades if you want you can go back and see other star player who were traded.

You obviously havent followed my posts cuz I def not looking to settle for a fringe team. Let me explain myself with an analogy that maybe you and that dude who still has Rasho Fnn Nestorovic as his Avatar can understand. Its like Poker you know its a betting game with odds and percentages. The deeper the rounds go the more heavily invested you are. At some point you may think you have a weaker hand but your so heavily invested that you must call the next bet becasue of economies of scale. At the called bet point everything before is considered lost so your called bet could potentially win you a lot of money. If you lose well you know you play the odds and if you have the cojones to stick to the odds sooner or later your going to win.

My point is at THIS VERY POINT IN TIME it is not preferential to blow up this team. Tanking is not guarnteed position wise and nether is the draft. At that rate neither is trading for star player so nobody really knows thats why we dont get paid the big bucks. Blow up and rebuild or trade for star player. Both have upside draft long term 4-7 years out has higher returns you could argue assuming everything goes right. Assuming both plans work out mediocre meaning the star player only makes us a playoff team for the next 3-5 years with the occassional high and the draft works out just ok meaning we get a few top 5 picks but not that number 1 Lebron James talent you guys think were gonna get I would much rather choose the trade route and enjoy watching this team again and bring some respectability back here. If you can propose a better strategy that doesnt require stinking up the nba for the next 3-5 years, and HOPING THAT we might get the number 1 pick one of those years I will listen otherwise im too busy thining of ways to win.
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