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Default Re: Does your lady make you "earn it"?

Originally Posted by red1
Lmao I know that this is immature from a relationship perspective but I have to say OP that you sound like you are letting her condition you like a dog. If you are a good boy you get a treat. This is why it is better to be single nowadays and just do your own thing making you more attractive overall, that way you make the rules and if she doesnt like it then she knows someone will replace her


So lopsided it's unreal.

If a man values enough to see her as something other than a fvck buddy then chances are hea going to treat her well.

Sounds like its gonna be a Fukkin down cycle from here on out with wifey pushing and pushin and pushing and pushing for him to be even more self effacing serve tile and kiss Azzy. Even though the hottest sex comes from the dude carin less about the girl then vice Versa.

The least she can do is honor his sexual needs unquestionably. Life is way too fukking short to play tug of war with a selfish skank. You're better off finding a sweet gal who gets pleasure out of pleasing you and sees the relationship as a cooperative effort of growth and not some kind of fukking competition with built in equities. Here's one for the bitch. match my ability to leadit comes to taking responsibility and giving value to others. Then we can start playing the conditioning game.

Ughhhh so many parasite host couples out there so few instances of true complimentary love. I swear the women of the past like Rosie the riveter or Susan Anthony or Marie curie or in east african or balkan and asian cultures thought about what they wanted as an aftermath... They stepped up like a sixth man to keep the team going instead of playing fukking brownie points.
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