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Default Re: ISH Official Sex Guide - Tips & Tricks!

Originally Posted by usa hoops
It all depends on the woman. But they say women are like an oven (takes them a while) while a man is like a microwave.

Women's porno consists of romance novels. They don't get turned on by watching naked dudes on a magazine, they get turned on by a love story and all the drama that goes with it.

If you're in a marriage or a long-term relationship, you have to get them in the mood throughout the day.

If you treat them like trash, you're not getting any.

You say all of those things as if they are absolutes, which is not true.

If you know how to work your woman, foreplay can get her good and ready before you even engage in the main action. If your having that much trouble then maybe you need to give thought into figuring out her erogenous zones. Those are triggers for sexual excitement and working them properly makes a woman better prepared for sexual stimulation. Most women have to turn to the psychological alternative to get aroused because the men handling them cant do the work. So they stimulate the mind, which in turn stimulates the body.

Men tend to be selfish when it comes to sex and/or they dont have the proper equipment and thus leave their women dissatisfied. I imagine that lack of proper knowledge is also an issue. Its not always particularly their fault but ignorance is not always bliss.
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