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Default Re: Raps In Trade Talks For Rudy Gay

Originally Posted by letshaveacorona
Im a big Davis fan but he is replaceble. Al Jefferson, Milsap, David West are just a few PF that are free agents in the summer.

OH wait im smell the, But the Raps cant attract any Free Agents song coming.

Well thats cuz weve been losing if you add Gay to the team this might be an interesting spot for a decent PF to play along side a high potential Center and a seasoned 3.

And yes Derozan might become expendable and although im not the biggest Colangelo fan Im pretty sure if us posters on ISH can figure that out im pretty sure him and Stefanski can see that too meaning im sure they have other plans in the works. Some ISH posters like to post like they know all the information when in reality we post with probably 1% of the real time info that the team has. lol

Yes! Free agents! Why not overpay for marginal improvements to a less than mediocre team versus keeping a young, improving cost controlled big through 2015? Sounds like a great plan to me.
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