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Default Re: Raps In Trade Talks For Rudy Gay

Originally Posted by Beebo
This will ruin any chance of us getting Wiggins next year.

there are too many unknowns and variables to even speculate if we had to begin with. not smart to place all your hope in a player who hasn't even graduated HS yet imo.

I think Gay would be an amazing addition, but it cannot stop there. We'd instantly become a playoff contender, but is that what we want, or do we want a team that goes deep in the playoffs. Management has been to complacent in recent year and I think us reaching the playoffs as a 8 or 7 seed will just further exacerbate the root of the problem.

As long as Rudy is in it for the long haul, I'm down. if he's just gonna bolt in 2 years then why do it?
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