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Default Re: Raps In Trade Talks For Rudy Gay

Personally I would prefer Josh Smith but unless Ive got an extnsions signed i wouldnt trade for him unless they were willing to take Barngani. lol

As far as Rudy Gay goes most of you ISH posters are talking crap about championship and how to get there. What are we talking bout CHAMPIONSHIP? I mean really we talkin bout CHAMIONSHIP right? I mean we havnet made the playoffs in how many years and we talkin bout CHAMPIONSHIP? We are the toronto raptors and we talkin bout CHAMPIONSHIP? CHAMPIONSHIIOP right?

Had to do that A.I thing there after reading all these posts about how Rudy Gay wont make us a championship team. lol seriously people

One foot in front of the other usually works best so in order to get to a, wait for it, CHAMPIONSHIP, we need to have a contending team. Before being contenders we need to be a playoff team. I know some you are catching on. lol Now Ive just sat through 5 or whatever stinkin years of garbage ball adn watching the draft more closely then i would have liked and now you want to blow this team up and you want me to sit through another 5 years of draft lotteries? All the while knowing that tanking most of the time DOES NOT WORK , draft position is based on a bunch pingballs, and we could possibly be in this here position 5 years from now if things dont go exatly as planned? Hell to the mothastinkin NO THANK YOU. Bring in Rudy Gay or Josh Smith and lets start winning some ball games to start.

Even Cleveland who drafted Lebron James never won a CHAMPIONSHIP.
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