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Default Re: Has anyone punched a girl in the face?

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
In the vast majority of situations men hit women, I'd like to see the man fight a guy 6+ inches taller and 60+ pounds heavier. I've never hit a woman, but I've seen a friend of mine hit a couple of women and it's a disgusting thing to do.

I can only think of a few scenarios where it's understandable. Blatantly false rape accusations are one. Or if it's the rare extremely tough woman who can fight, and she actually has the ability to hurt you, and you can't restrain her.

this, yeah i would never hit a woman unless she's one of those broads who thinks she can put hands to a man without repercussion.

I'd probably have to put that b1tch in a figure four and call it a day
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