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Default Re: Raps In Trade Talks For Rudy Gay

Originally Posted by Molson
We don't need Rudy Gay. What we need is a SF who:

1. Shoots 45% for his career from the field
2. Shoots a career 35% from the 3 pt line
3. Is one of the top shot blocking SF's
4. Is one of the top thieves at the SF position
5. Is one of the best rebounders at the SF position
6. Has led a solid NBA team in scoring
7. Can pass the ball a bit and gets to the line a bit

If we can get something like that at the SF position which has been a black hole for years, then I would be happy.

5 or 6 of the things you mentioned, Rudy Gay is there.

I mean, unless were getting LeBron, who else can fill that up ? Besides, it's not just the most all-around player we need, but the best player we can get. If we could have chances at a Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Durant, then go for it.
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