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Default Re: Woj: Gay to Raptors could happen tonight

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
People saying Derozan is a goner aren't remembering that he came into this league as a SG and will be fine there. Calderon+Derozan+Gay will be a SICK trio of wing players IMO. Davis is a nice young player but they seem to be clearing the way for Valuncunias. Bargs should be moved to PF again IMO since he can't rebound worth a shit.

Raptors win this trade in a landslide. Davis won't get hardly any playing time behind Zbo and Gasol anyways to make an impact.

Calderon is a point guard, not a wing player, and he's one of the players who's going to be moved. Bargnani has been playing PF all season.

Davis will get all of Speights' minutes and is a better player with more upside. The Grizzlies save a ton of money, get a good young big man, and will probably get some decent bench pieces for Calderon.

Great trade for the Raps. Gay/DeRozan will be a terror in transition and Ross will be able to continue to develop off the bench.
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