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Default Re: Brook Lopez named East All-Star replacement for injured Rajon Rondo

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
This is the right move. The next guy should be Josh Smith...he's the most deserving guy and the biggest snub in years, last year. There are no other PF's on the squad, except for the two guys who are playing center this year (KG and Bosh).

In the West, Marc Gasol should be the next guy. He's better than Curry, he's more valuable to his team, his team has a better record with less depth and without the coach of the year (tho Hollins is quality). Stephen Curry is deserving tho and I'd like to see him in. Maybe two guys could drop.

I think Josh Smith is probably the next guy in line, but he's not a big a snub this season as he was last (which was awful, one of the worst I've seen).

Marc Gasol should make it (amazing defender and wonderful post playmaker...I'd like for him to rebound more, but with Zach Randolph playing alongside him it's not what his team needs), but I'm afraid that Curry will be the first injury replacement since his supporters have been much more vocal, and there seems to be more pressure to put him on the roster (not that I have a problem with him, but Marc Gasol is likely a top 10 player in the league this season).
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