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Default Re: Can someone explain to me...

I guess you know it all seeing as you have historical data and a crystal ball perhaps you should interview for the GM spot.

2006 I mean we all thought that was a pretty good team back then. They won the division title. Looks like they brought back their core and added some fringe bench players to fill up practice spots and toughen up Bargnani ala Primoz Brzec. Maceo Baston was considered a high potential type guy i think i dunno i dont really care about 7 years ago. And I think Kapono was coming off some good seasons with the Heat and was at that time considered the best 3pt shooter fg% wise so I guess they brought him in as a specialist. They also added Delfino who was a young promising SG with international experience. No big trades or signings but remember they had the teachers pension plan to worry about. NO LUXURY TAX.

I get your point but its easy too look back now and criticize moves. Too easy thats why I dont do it.

Our Current Roster would go toe to toe with that divisional winning team any day of the week in my opinion. Thats with Bargnani sitting on the bench and no star player. And the teachers pension plan is no longer calling the shots today holding us back from going into the luxury tax like those years. Lots of differences bro between that situation and now but if you dont see I cant help you. Im not a big BC fan but I blame most of this teams misfortunes on ownerships misdirection and budgetary constraints.
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