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Default Re: Brook Lopez named East All-Star replacement for injured Rajon Rondo

Originally Posted by fpliii
Randolph was leading the league earlier this season, damn. According to B-R, his monthly averages have been 16.0, 12.3, 12.4, 9.7. Where do you want Gasol to be (10?), and what do you think his upper limit is?

Well, who in the West is likely to drop out? Is there anybody?

The ones I mentioned are the ones most likely to drop, minus something happening (it'd be cool if Lee faked an injury to get Curry there lol).

But yea, he's dropped. I think Gasol should be hitting double digits, at least. I'd like to see him get to 11, as it seems reasonable when watching him. But if he's playing the minutes he's playing, he has to hit 9...last year he was at 8.8 and dropped a lot as the season progressed. At least give me 9.
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