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Default The "it" factor

Anyone here scared that the Knicks don't have that "it" factor. That thing you need to win it all. I'm not sure how to completely describe it. But that vibe that you got from guys like Ben Wallace+Tayshaun, Kobe+Fisher, Duncan+Manu, Dirk+JJ, Wade in 06, Bron+Battier Last year. That leave it all out on the court. Shoot sub 40% but make all the big plays. Grab that extra rebound, or hit that dagger.

I'm just not feeling it. Not sure if this post made sense. But when you had those guys out there you felt confident that they would perform and not shrink. Let me clarify a bit.

Melo is a winner. Period. He was dominant in High School. He was a champ in college. He came into the NBA and made a non-playoff a contender each year. Came to the Knicks and made us a legitimate threat. He's a complete and total winner. But when things clamp down and he has Bron and Wade and Battier going at him I just get this nervous feeling that he'll shut down or not make the right play. He has always had Brons number 1 on 1. But Lebron is such an improved defender I'm not sure. I don't think he can find a way to go at Lebron unless it's scoring in the post.

My main concern is Miami. Lebron has "it" now. And he won't lose "it". Does Melo or Amare have it in them to assert themselves on the boards and trust a guy like Felton to do what Battier did last year. To pinpoint Lebron on the court during a crucial rebound and say "I'm boxing him out. He's not getting this rebound." or "I'm not gonna let Lebron get out in transition, even if I don't touch the ball on this offensive possession."

If I'm still not making sense think of "it" like this. JR Smith completely and honestly believes in his heart that he has "it". But the whole world knows otherwise.

Any Thoughts?
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