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Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I'm also still watching House of Lies, which I find terrible, but I still feel compelled to watch. I can't believe he was a golden globe for that god awfull fast talk say nothing character.

And I'm watching Californication, which is sort of a say a lot without saying anything character. This so far has been the worst season of it that I can recall. The British aging rock character is terrible. And Runkle pretending to be gay to sign the gay actor has been terrible.

And I'm also watching Girls, which I have enjoyed more this year than most of last year. Seem to be getting more sort of one off young living experiences.
If HoL had anyone else in place of Don Cheadle I'd probably find it completely unwatchable.

Californication kinda falls into the same league as Shameless for me. It's sometimes terrible, but if often saves itself by putting characters into completely outlandish situations which are usually entertaining enough + occasional nudity from good looking women.
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