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Default Re: doing sit-ups without feet stabilized?

Originally Posted by gigantes
situps are pretty hard on the back from what i understand and IME. although you may have to be a little bit older before you notice any actual discomfort.

a replacement ab-cruncher is to stay in that same position on your back and just lift your legs (fully extended) from the floor, straight up, making an L shape. then bring them down again. do it all smoothly and not too fast. it may not be as intense as situps, but it will save your lower back, like i say. you could probably also add leg-weights or something to make the abs work harder.

It's only hard on the back if the back is weak and in need of strengthening, right?

The fact that sit-ups recruit more muscles in the core is what makes me like them. The more you do them when you have a healthy back, won't that just further strengthen your back?
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