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Default Re: Is Steve Nash Mad?

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
Definitely wasn't one of Nash's best games; his defense was worse than usual. Nerves seemed to get to him tonight.

IMO, LA just wasn't playing the style that got them the 3 game WS (which was Kobe in the high post getting the hard screen from Howard). IDK, tonight they just seemed to be posting Kobe straight up most of the time. It took Howard almost completely out of the offense.

Didn't help that he reaggravated his shoulder injury missing most of the 4th.

The problems we saw in the 4th could be remedied by adding someone like Delonte West, a pesky defender who can also put up points. Thing is, you would solve that one problem and LIKELY add even bigger ones.

Looked the opposite to me. Considering it was a back to back I saw him fighting over screens and beat Dragic to position quite often. He couldn't hit shots tho. Either way no one should be talking about Nash or Kobe tonight. This was all on Pau/Metta.
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