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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Bano114
Was really interested to see how Melo answered the question about becoming the new Knicks record holder for consecutive games with 20 straight points. He thanked his teammates for the opportunity to do so and continued to preach team team team through out. Definitely like hearing that from a player like Melo. I think his mind is completely focused on winning now.
I didn't like it. He should have looked at the camera and said "maybe now you can get off my ass! Then walked away lol j/k

Not in the first half. Woodson is still a moron imo, and will hold us back with his crappy rotations and lineups. I still don't get why he starts guys who are 12th in the rotation every night. Coincidentally, when he started with the stupid charade is when we started losing every first quarter.

Gotta agree partially here. While I don't think he's a moron, I don't like the inconsistency in his lineups. One day a guy is starting. The next, he's got a DNP-Coach's Decision.

Melo pretty much played like the guy the Mike Breens and Steve Kerrs and Jon Barrys of the world wanna see in the first half. He passed a lot. He rebounded. He only shot when he was open. And what happened? We were tied at the half with a team we should be blowing out lol. That should tell us. We didnt pay this guy to be just another guy.

Our defense has been looking terrible as usual. Especially against PGs. Our guard cant keep guys in front and Chandler isn't protecting the hoop at all. Little ass Jameer Nelson (who I wanted to be a Knick before this season) was fearless going to the hoop. So was all 5 feet of Ishe Smith (who I also said would be a good, cheap backup pg). Even JJ Reddick was taking it to the hole.

Our D turned it around in the second half and that's the defense we'll need going forward.
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