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Originally Posted by gabepizza
First off there's no way to prove that. I know of no example of a Euroleague player choosing to sit out of the Olympics (although many lessor players like Spanoulis can't even qualify). And I'm not saying as compared to the World Championship. My logic is that for Euroleague players, since they don't play in the top league in the world, the Olympics and the World Championships, are the one chance they have to prove themselves against the best players in the world.

Well your logic is bad and you don't follow Euroleague enough to know for such an example .

Players play for their NT for their country and not to prove themselves .

In case if you are wondering what player from Europe doesn't play for his NT it's Diamantidis and he is clearly good enough to still play in NT.

I don't agree that European players don't care about Olympics , they care about it as much as american players .
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