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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by andremiller07
Hes a alright fighter Mundine but hes not amazingly skilled, im sorry anyone who losses to Garth Wood (via KO) a guy who has poor boxing even by kickboxing/MMA standards is really not an above average fighter. Mundine if he wanted to prove he was a good fighter would have gone to the USA and fought solid comp other than picking off bums here in Australia. Than saying hes the best boxer in the world and all this, he got famous through mainly propaganda and really hes a average/solid/entertaining fighter nothing more nothing less. What is amazing tho is how he went from being a elite Rugby player to a solid boxer I respect him for that.

Geale on the other hand has really been good since losing that fight to Mundine hes in prime form imo.

Hes easily the best boxer we've had since Kostya, and that's quite a big deal I guess. He certainly isn't top notch, world class, but he is a great fighter in terms of what Australia has produced recently. He would be a middle of the pack fighter if he came over in his prime, which is solid.
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