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Default You know What really "Grinds my gears?"

You know what really Grinds my gears? If Rose was never hurt, and Chicago was first in their division and 3 overall in the east... He would be ahead of Carmelo and maybe even Lebron (cuz we all hate Lebron) in the MVP race.

People would be carrying on about how he is doing it with a cast of role players and how he makes people around him better.

People would be saying he is better than the likes of Wade because Wade would never be able to have that kinda record with this kinda team at this stage in his career.

People would be saying Kobe needs to take notes.

But now that this team is succeeding on their own... do they get any credit? Hell no. People are just waiting for Rose to get back so they can see a spectacular Dunk.

News Flash!!! Spectacular Dunks and Layups are not what makes Chicago the Chicago bulls good. Cross overs and chest pounding is not what wins games.

Rose is just glider. Nothing else. This team thrives on great defense and consistency. Sharing the ball. Trusting each other.

Many would Argue that Rose will make them a contender. Again, no he wont. What makes them a contender is great defense and consistency. Sharing the ball. Trusting each other.

And that, Insidehoops... is what really Grinds my gears
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